Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our office. If you have any more please feel free to contact the office by phone, email, or on Facebook. One of our friendly staff or Dr. Seed will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Everyone benefits from chiropractic. It restores normal joint function, and thus restores normal nerve impulses from the affected tissue to the brain. There are certain conditions like a broken bone that should not be treated by chiropractic. That does not mean that the area cannot be treated after it heals and is stable again. Some people have been told after spinal fusion that adjustments are not possible. It is true that we can no longer adjust the fused joint, but the joints above and below this area are over worked and need to be addressed regularly. There is a list below of the different conditions that our office has successfully treated in the past. If you are interested in finding out if Chiropractic can help you, please call our office for a free 20-minute consult. Dr. Seed will go over your health concerns and look at any tests or studies you have had in the past to determine if he can help you.

How Long Will It take?

Our office strives to find the cause of the problem, address it, and then achieve recovery as quickly as possible. At our office, a standard treatment plan is 12 visits. If signs of relief are not noticeable within 4 visits, our treatment protocol is to look deeper, to see if something was missed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost at our office is based off what services are provided. We accept most insurances and assignment. Insurance benefits are determined as soon as possible, the costs of services are explained before they are rendered.  The patient is treated after the doctor and patient agree upon the right course of action. Affordable cash prices are available and we accept most forms of payment including Care Credit®.

Who Needs Chiropractic Care?

Do you have pain of any kind, back, neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.?

Have you been in some kind of fall, accident, or suffered an injury?

If you answered yes to any of these conditions, then you need chiropractic care. If you are not keeping the joints of your spine moving properly then you are putting abnormal stress on your joints. Just like if the alignment is out on the tires on your car, your spine will wear abnormally without proper alignment. If you want to keep a healthy body and spine, you need to keep the spine moving properly to prevent biomechanical stress from causing your body to age prematurely. Whether you want to keep moving for work, play, kids, or grandkids, Chiropractic can help your body start to move and function better.

Conditions we help Patients with:
  • Sciatica – Pain that shoots down from the lower back/hip into the leg or foot.
  • Hip pain – Pain felt near the groin or in the near the lower back.
  • Insomnia – The inability to maintain restful sleep.
  • Arthritis – Aching in the joints of the spine or extremity that is there upon waking and gets better with movement.
  • Auto Accidents –  Injuries caused by seat-belt or impact with another car.
  • Back Injuries – Pulled muscles, aching, stabbing, burning.
  • Disc Injuries – Pain in the spine that can shoot down the arm or leg, worse when standing, coughing, sneezing, bearing down. Sitting makes worse most of the time, leaning away from pain or laying down makes better.
  • Nutritional Advising
  • Personal Injuries – Slips, falls, auto accidents, injury to the patient that they are not responsible for the cause.
  • Pregnancy Care – Pre/Post care for round ligament pain, back pain, hip pain as well as post pregnancy rehab.
  • Sports Injuries – Running, cycling, swimming, baseball, basketball, football.
  • Runners Leg – Pain that is felt on the outside of the leg that is aggravated by walking, running, standing.
  • Sports Performance – Increased performance through increasing mobility, strength, and flexibility.
  • Whiplash – Neck injury that is caused by quick acceleration and deceleration of the neck injuring the muscles and joints of the neck. Can be caused by an auto accident, but can occur in sports injuries as well as slips and falls.
  • Arm pain – Strains/Sprains, shooting pain, burning, nerve entrapments.
  • Shoulder pain – Pain while moving the shoulder, difficulty or inability to lift the arm over the head, restricted range of motion in the shoulder.
  • Foot pain – Felt in various areas of the foot, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankle.
  • Knee pain – Pain felt on the inside or outside of the knee, mild swelling, popping.
  • Neck pain – Pain and stiffness in the neck, torticollis.
  • Spinal stenosis – Narrowing of the central canal or openings for the nerves along the side of the neck due to arthritis and disc degeneration.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – Entrapment of the median nerve at the wrist, also can have entrapment in the forearm, shoulder, and side of the neck in double crush syndrome.
  • Headaches –  Tension headaches are felt at the base of the skull and stretch over the head, they are irritated by stress or work. Cluster headaches are on one side of the temple or the other and are intermittent.
  • Migraines – Headache that is characterized by an aura, light sensitivity, and nausea. Can be very intense and has several variations.
  • Numbness – Lack of sensation in an area due to a pinched nerve can have tingling as well.
  • Restless leg syndrome – Pain, numbness, tingling felt in the legs while lying down or sitting. Often felt at night in bed, or when resting in a chair.
  • Fibromyalgia – Pain, and inflammation felt all over the body that is debilitating at times, typically bouts of insomnia. Patient goes through cycles of worsening and improving symptoms.
  • Many more


Dr. Seed is the reason I was able to walk (not limp or roll) down the aisle at my wedding! I have seen a few different chiropractors over the years, and he has set the new standard from which I determine quality care. I appreciate his transparent love and appreciation for therapeutic treatment, as well as his knowledge base and the way he educates me in regards to why he is focusing on and adjusting specific areas.


I highly recommend Dr. Seed if you’re having any kind of back, neck, shoulder or hip pain. I’ve never been to a more caring and compassionate chiropractor and I’ve been to a few. he takes the time to listen and to understand the problem. He doesn’t put a “bandaid” on you. He really focuses on the root of the problem. Thank you for all you do! You have given me hope that I won’t live the rest of my life in pain as I have the last 10 years.


I would recommend Dr. Seed to anyone and everyone. He is extremely knowledgeable and really walks you through your treatment every step of the way. He also has a great bedside manner. I don’t know how many times he has made me feel better before he even did an adjustment. Hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to.


I have suffered from lower back pain for the past 8 yrs. My GP sent me to a physical therapist which did absolutely nothing for me. I then went to a chiropractor who also did nothing for me. I then saw Dr. seed who asked many questions & listened very intently. Because he is so knowledgeable he found the real reason for my pain. He gave me strength exercises & along with his techniques he has blessed me with the ability to jog again for the first time in years! Dr. Seed has been a wonderful blessing to me! I tell everyone I know about him! He is not your run of the mill chiropractor


I went to Dr. Seed after I started getting bad back pain, and he was amazing at trying to get my pain level down as fast as possible. I had no pain after only a few sessions. He listened to what I had to say and made sure I was comfortable while in his office. I recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor!


Dr. Seed is a wonderful chiropractor. He takes his time with each patient and helps my neck so much every time I visit. I highly recommend him!


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